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Los Angeles Wedding Planner via… Florida?

Last week I penned a blog post for Florida bridal blog La Belle Mariee {a Brides To Be Blog} all about bridal style and how to pick the right wedding dress. Wedding dress styling is very near and dear to me and The Stylish Soiree, and can make a huge difference in the aesthetic of your wedding. No matter how pretty the flowers are or how perfect the linens match your decor, an ill-fitting, unflattering or over-accessorized bridal look can kill it all in an instant. Here is an excerpt from my post to give you a taste for the advice I doled out… be sure to visit La Belle Mariee for the full article! And remember…. Life is beautiful, celebrate accordingly!        XO, Yelena

Bridal style is a topic that many engaged women struggle with. From finding the perfect style to choosing between bright white and soft white satin through swatches (hint: never, ever pick the bright white!), wedding dress shopping can feel spark powerful emotions – not all of them positive. To help future brides navigate the endless sea of white satin and chiffon, The Stylish Soiree lends our styling expertise to each dress shopping session, consulting our clients on what works best for their wedding, personality, style and body type. For brides who are struggling to find their ideal wedding dress without professional help, here are a three important tips on how to achieve a bridal style that is uniquely you, and innately stylish.
*Wedding dress featured is Priscilla of Boston Style 4509… gorgeous, right?!

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Wedding Planning & More in 2010

So far 2010 has been so busy, exciting and full of life for  The Stylish Soiree that I’ve hardly had time to create new posts! Keep your eyes peeled for some top-secret but super stylish wedding photo shoots we’re working on that will be bursting with fashion & decor inspirations, as well as more tips on finding that dream dress while on a budget, and fabulous guest blog posts from wedding industry experts.

I honestly couldn’t be more excited for this year. If the past few weeks are any indication, 2010 is shaping up to be a year of intense momentum with lots of big, exciting projects & scintillating surprises in store. I’m so glad you are sticking with me, and I can’t wait to share the ride with all of you, my dear readers.  Stay tuned for stunning aesthetics!

Happy Planning & Warm Wishes,


*image by Rodney Smith

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Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping: Day 1

Christos Desiree gown, new for Spring 2010As promised, I’m going to cover some of my top tips for wedding dress shopping. Finding the perfect dress is a different experience for everyone, but I am a firm believer that every woman should fall in love with her wedding dress.  Even if you do not feel that your wedding day is “the most important day of your life,” the fact remains that the dress you choose to wear on your wedding will be forever commemorated in nearly 1,000 pictures from your photographer. In addition to it being the most photographed day of your life, all of your favorite people will be there (probably at least 100 of them) to see you, many of whom you do not see on a regular basis. The bottom line is that you want to look beautiful, feel comfortable, and really shine in the dress you choose for your wedding day.

Over the course of the next week or two, I’m going to cover my top tips for finding the right dress for your wedding. Today I will start with the first in the series. I hope you find this info useful and helpful – feel free to email me with any questions or comments, I’d be happy to give additional advice tailored to your situation.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tip #1: Know Thyself

The girl who knows her own personal style well will have a much smoother time finding her perfect wedding dress. It”s important to remember that you should look like you on your wedding day – only better.  If you have always loved frilly, girly clothing, start by looking for wedding gowns that match that style aesthetic. You might look great in a slinky, body-hugging silk dress fit for a Hollywood starlet, but when you look back on your photos a year from now are you going to wish you opted for something made of tulle and lace?

Your wedding day is the ultimate expression of you and your fiance – of who you are as a couple, and who you are as individuals.  When shopping for a dress, this means you should stick with what styles resonate with your personality and usual clothing taste. The other benefit of knowing thyself and your preferred style is that it helps narrow down the overwhelming sea of wedding dress options, which are easy to get lost in when you start looking at all the dress ads.  Of course the dresses all look great on models in the magazines (let’s be honest, the ads were specifically styled with a certain type of model that best fits the dresses aesthetic!), but by sticking to styles that align with your own innate style you will guarantee finding a dress that you love.

Stay tuned for more wedding dress shopping tips, including who to bring to the bridal appointment, how to set a dress budget, alteration advice, where to find the best wedding dress deals, and which silhouettes are ideal for certain body types. Let me know if you have any special requests too!

XO, Yelena

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Wedding Planning & Styling: Shopping for ‘The One’

The past week has been a flurry of wedding planning and styling fun at The Stylish Soiree, and I’m excited to finally have a moment to sit down and share it in a post. First, the ridiculously talented Meg Perotti, photographer extraordinaire, has hired me and honored me with planning her Northern California wedding in November 2010.  Meg has a killer eye for style and also loves the romantic, vintage wedding look that echoes my own wedding planning aesthetic, so it’s been rather like a bridal match made in heaven for me.  I accompanied her last week on a wedding dress shopping trip with visions of feminine, floaty dresses in our heads that would compliment her “Pride and Prejudice” meets “Anthropologie” style wedding.

On our hunt through some of the best hidden places in Los Angeles for finding the perfect wedding dress, Meg tried on everything from frothy a-line tulle confections to beaded lace wedding gowns with cap sleeves, and found the one.  “The One” not only fit the theme of the wedding to a T, it also fit and flattered Meg perfectly – seriously, it looked ten times better on her than it did on the mannequin. I’m under strict instructions not to divulge details of “The One”, but I’ve included Meg’s wedding dress inspiration board above to give you a taste of the style we were searching for. I’m so excited to continue planning her wedding, and can’t wait to see the elaborate vision we have come to life in November up in the Marin Headlands (just outside of San Francisco) – gorgeous venue, gorgeous bride, gorgeous style – how did I get so lucky?!

This Friday I’m styling another bride (Sara, who is having a modern Palm Springs wedding in March) for her engagement shoot this weekend with OC-based wedding photographers Allison & Kyle of Studio 28. I’m bringing my camera and fully intend to blog about it asap, as well as tips on wedding dress shopping and engagement shoot style –  so stay tuned!

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