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Bridesmaid Dress Alternative: Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller Aquamarine chiffon dress Nicole Miller’s new collection of dresses would be a simply stunning option for bridesmaid dresses.  The airy silk georgette is so feminine and soft, and the range of colors is gorgeous as well. The color palette includes this light blue / aqua dress at left, an apricot color, a mustard yellow, forest green and berry red; a nice wide range for brides with varying color schemes.

I, personally, would love to see a bride incorporate the apricot pink, muted yellow and light aqua together within the same bridal party. I’ve already confessed my love for a muted pastel color palette, and this look would be sheer perfection.

These Nicole miller dresses were launched two days ago on Bluefly’s Wedding Shop section, but sadly have disappeared as of this morning.  I’m hoping that they were just offering a preview and will bring them back ASAP (and come to the rescue of bridesmaids everywhere who want to buy a dress they really CAN wear again). Plus, they were 60% off and only cost $125, providing the rare combination of stylish bridesmaid dress and a reasonable price tag.

If you happen to have any news about these dresses, give us an update in the comments section!

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Stylish Alternative Bridesmaid Dress

calvin-klein-strapless-tiered-dress I love the simple elegance of this delicate Calvin Klein frock, and think it would make the perfect stylish alternative to a bridesmaid dress.  The knee-length, body-hugging cut is made demure by the layers of featherweight organza, keeping it young, fresh and feminine. The platinum color reads like a dove gray or steely lavender, making it versatile for so many beautiful color palettes.

Plus, unlike clingy satin bridesmaid dresses, this one won’t highlight lumps and bumps. It really is the best of both worlds – a slimming, fitted shape with a little extra fabric that skims over imperfections to give your bridesmaids a stylish, put-together look for the big day. Now what could be better than that?

Not much, which is why this bridesmaid dress gets two thumbs up from a picky stylehound like ourselves.

Dress by Calvin Klein, $198 via Nordstrom.com

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