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Palm Springs Wedding at the Cree Estate – Sneak Peek

When I first met Sara, I knew I wasn’t dealing with the usual bride. Toting a bottle of almond champagne, Sara had just returned from a month long trip to Africa where she spent her days working with orphans after quitting her job as a lawyer at a top firm. After spending the past 8 months planning and designing her wedding, the two things I love most about Sara are her deadpan sarcasm and her compassion, and I’m so happy that she has become much more than a past client – she has become a friend.

Her original color scheme of turquoise, yellow, gray and black did a 180 and became lavender, gray, cream and black, but the overall feel remained the same: a fresh, fun mixture of modern and classic with a clean look. The venue was the lovely Cree Estate in Palm Springs, a sprawling private ranch house with two stunning pools and two guest houses. The best part was that the entire bridal party got to stay on site and spend the weekend in the house, making it like a mini destination wedding/weekend long party for all Sara and Matt’s nearest and dearest.

Kyle and Allison from Studio 28 Photo just did a great feature on the wedding on their blog, so I’m reposting just a sneak peek until I get the full CD with pictures. 🙂 The wedding went so smoothly and was an absolute blast for the guests, who danced and partied until even after the DJ packed up and went home.  It was such an honor and a pleasure to plan their wedding, and made me once again feel blessed that I have the best clients in the world. 🙂     XO, Yelena

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Vintage Courthouse Wedding

At long last, here is the lovely vintage courthouse wedding I’ve been promising, photography courtesy of the talented San Diego-based Aaron Willcox Photography. What I love so much about this wedding is the simplicity that doesn’t sacrifice style.  Her meticulously planned vintage gray suit, the delicate hat with netting and her stunning purple calla bouquet. The groom is quite dapper as well!

The other thing I love about this wedding is the intimate size and courthouse setting. A courthouse wedding is no less a wedding than a full-blown elaborate affair at a country club, and what shines through these photos the most is the couple’s raw emotions. Her anticipation while getting ready, his adoring gaze, and their sheer happiness in the courtroom.  I think every bride and groom should be lucky to feel the same on their wedding day.   So without further ado….

Vintage Courthouse Wedding 1

Vintage Courthouse wedding 2

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