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When in doubt, use food as a favor

Favor ideas can stump even the most inspired brides and grooms. When in doubt, I always steer my clients toward edible favors. Who could resist these delicious cake jar favors? Easy on the eyes and even easier on the stomach after a night of partying.

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DIY Wedding Details – Dressing Up Your Drinks

Dabney Lee Lucite Monogram Tray 1

Lovely DIY details can help turn a wedding from ho-hum to unforgettable.  One of the best ways to do this is by repeating a particular theme, color combination or monogram throughout the day in small ways. This helps create a cohesive look for your wedding day that turns it from ‘just another wedding’ into an event to remember.

On that note, I came across these fabulous lucite monogrammed trays from Dabney Lee At Home and wanted to share them with you. I think these would be a spectacular way to personalize your wedding decor, and the best part is they are pretty and versatile enough to use in married life entertaining as well.  Here are some ideas for utilizing these trays:

  • Signature Drinks – set out your signature cocktails lined up in rows on Dabney Lee Lucite Monogrammed Traya few of these monogrammed trays.  Create a layout with a champagne or wine bucket in the middle of a long table, and two of these trays with cocktails on either side of the bucket. Add a few ‘objets’ that highlight your wedding theme, or architectural single-stem vases with a bold flower and you have yourself a functional self-serve bar that follows your theme and looks impressive.
  • Appetizer Trays – Purchase four or five of these trays and coordinate with your catering staff to have them serve appetizers off the trays during your cocktail reception.
  • Dessert Table – Use the trays as part of a dessert table display – either stack napkins or baggies in the tray with a sign inviting guests to help themselves, or neatly line up small bite-sized desserts such as petit-fours, shot glasses of milk with a mini cookie on top, or mini cupcakes. Mmmm… there is nothing yummier than style paired with good food!

Dabney Lee also has a fabulous blog that I recommend checking out for beautiful stationary and style inspirations.

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Cupcake Couture

cupcake-couture-wrappersI stumbled across the cutest, totally fabulous and most unnecessary way to dress up your cupcakes: Cupcake Wrapture. I was searching for cupcake ideas while writing an article about 1st Birthday Cupcakes, and fell in l-o-v-e with the adorable little designs that you can buy to dress up your cupcakes.

They offer a rainbow of plain colors and charge $5 – $9 for a set of 12 cupcake wraps. It’s not cheap if you’re baking a bunch of cupcakes, but it also has the potential to make a really adorable impact if you’re putting your cupcakes on cupcake-couture-seasonal-coverdisplay for a party. Or, splurge on these for a wedding cupcake stand where it will make a fun style statement.

Crafty girls can easily create their own cupcake covers, but in today’s busy world, who really has time for that?

Plain Cupcake Covers, $5

Patterned & Seasonal Covers, $6.50

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