DIY- Glittery Mr. & Mrs. Chair Banner


What a perfect way to decorate the bride and groom’s chairs with this glittery Mr. and Mrs. chair banner, that you can make yourself!

You will need: Scissors, a craft knife, think core board, white glue, craft brush, whole puncher, glitter, ribbon, and print the pdf from here

  1. Print out the pdf template on regular paper, and cut it out.
  2. Using the template as a guide, trace and cut onto the thin foam core board.
  3. Paint on the glue and sprinkle the letters with glitter, allow to dry
  4. Punch holes in the letters to thread the ribbon through
  5. Tie the ribbons throught the holes to attach the Mr & Mrs, and hang on the back of the bride and groom chair!

Brides-  What other DIY chair banners have you come across?

Photo and original DIY instructions from The Ellie Blog


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