DIY- Chalk Board Dipped Wine Glasses


We love these chalk board wine glasses, here’s how you can make them yourself!

You will need wine glasses, chalk board paint (found at Home Depot), a plastic container, and wax paper.

  1. Pour a little bit of chalk board paint into your plastic container
  2. Dip the base of the wine glass in the paint
  3. Set on parchment paper and let dry!
  4. Once dry, feel free to write on them again and again with chalk! They will erase just like a chalk board 🙂

This is such a creative idea for your guests to keep track of their glass, and of course have fun writing on them! What else have you used chalk board paint for?

Photo credit : Just Short of Crazy

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One response to “DIY- Chalk Board Dipped Wine Glasses

  1. zachandclem

    Woa that’s an awesome idea, even for in the home when you have guests! Brilliant 🙂

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