Fall-ing in Love with Blogging Again


So, it goes without saying that this blog has been sprouting some serious weeds in 2012. They might even be shoulder-high weeds at this point, weeds tall enough for a small child to get lost inside of. However, I promise it’s all for good reason(s) – our ridiculously gorgeous rebrand and soon-to-launch new website and blog, tons of fabulous weddings chock-full of pretty details, days devoted to raising the most amazing little person in the world (that would be one Audrey Johnson), and selling our first home + moving to a new one…. and the list goes on.

Since many of these exciting happenings are still in the works I don’t want to promise too much regarding regular posting, but the urge to write a little something hit me hard this evening and made me realize how much I miss blogging. In spite of the last (almost five!) years spent planning and designing events now, the writer bug is still somewhere inside me, lying dormant and waiting for me to get back on the blogging bandwagon. Writing has always held some sort of romance for me – though hand-penned letters written by candlelight are less common these days than glaring Mac screens and clicking keyboards – and, as most wedding planners, I do love a good romance. I feel much the same way about books – cracking the first split down a pristine spine, inhaling that telltale new paperback smell, and diving headfirst into someone else’s world – it’s all a bit dreamy and romantic, and I just adore getting lost in it.

While pondering what caused my writing bug to wake from her happy slumber, it struck me that today was the first day that reminded me of fall. The promise of changing seasons was thick in the air this afternoon  with foggy, overcast skies and a chilly bite to the day’s breeze. As Mike, Audrey and I drove home from another long day of house hunting, I noticed that the leaves on the trees have just started to turn vibrant shades of orange and red, and that I ordered a warm green tea today instead of an iced one – telltale signs that Fall, my absolute favorite (and in my humble opinion, most romantic) season was upon us.

To make a long-winded story short, I think it was the promise of Fall, and the warmth and romance of the season with the upcoming holidays, that prompted me to log back into wordpress after a nearly year-long hiatus. I cannot wait for the season to slow down just a bit so I can delve back into recharging creatively, spending time with friends and family, and working on new clients’ design proposals. This year has been SUCH a tremendous year for The Stylish Soiree – from designing and planning weddings at iconic San Francisco venues to being honored with our role as official design sponsor of Unveiled, the high-end bridal show also sponsored by Martha Stewart Weddings and Vera Wang.  I can’t wait for a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and soak it all in for myself, as well as share our adventures with all of you. And also, I want my right-hand woman and Logistics Director Extraordinaire Courtney to hop on the blog to share her perspective with you as well – I adore her and have watched her grow in her role within the company in 2012 and know you will love to hear what she has to say.

So, cheers to making it through the season, cheers to the upcoming Fall season, and cheers to falling in love with life, beauty and design all over again in 2013.

XOXO Yelena


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  1. Yelena you are a natural writer your ways of expressing life situations is unique I hope to see more of your thoughts on your Blog in the coming months

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