I love cupcakes like McAdams loves Gosling…

For those of you who recognize the line from SNL’s ‘Lazy Sunday’ short, you’re my kind of people. You know, the kind who would trek miles through a city just to have a taste of your favorite brand of Magnolia Bakery cupcake deliciousness. Since it’s Friday and I’m a little loopy due to this heat, here’s a true story to illustrate my dedication to cupcakes…

The year was 2006. Mike and I were in New York with his parents to celebrate his mom’s birthday in her favorite city. The first night was spent at a great dinner and a Broadway show, and we went to bed early with lots of festivities planned for the following day. What happened next was dubbed ‘The Blizzard of ’06” by news reporters. Overnight, the skies dumped a whopping 3 feet of snow that blanketed the Big Apple in a cloud of white, and the city fell silent.

For two California dwellers, the snow was a treat. With most stores closed because of the snow, the hubby and I spent the day doing what we do best – dreaming, talking about and pursuing food. A trip to a famed Greenwich Village pizzeria was followed up with a trek to Magnolia Bakery for some cupcakes. I have numerous pictures from that trip bundled up in a parka, scarf, pants and UGGs, stuffing a pretty pink cupcake into my mouth. It was heavenly, and I’ve oft dreamed about those cupcakes ever since.

Cut to about a year ago, when one of my favorite neighborhood organic dry cleaners closed its doors. I was admittedly peeved, until I saw a small sign go up in the window announcing that my former dry cleaner was to become the future home to a Los Angeles outpost of Magnolia Bakery. Things were looking up.

Since then I’ve driven by my old dry cleaners about a hundred times, but each time the windows were still covered up for construction. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw today’s Daily Candy email about Magnolia Bakery Los Angeles FINALLY opening – woot!

So, if you don’t hear from me for a while it’s safe to assume I’m languishing in a pastel hued cupcake-coma, buried beneath a pile of empty boxes from Magnolia’s.

Have a cupcake-alicious weekend,

XOXO Yelena


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