The Stylish Soiree Featured on San Francisco Style Unveiled

Today was an exciting day, as The Stylish Soiree was featured on San Francisco Style Unveiled! I’ve always loved Style Unveiled’s beautiful article layouts and the gorgeous San Francisco and Los Angeles weddings they feature, so I was thrilled when Meg Perotti told me they were going to run the story.

San Francisco Style Unveiled relies on interviewing the bride for the article, and I was so touched by bride Elle’s sweet words about my wedding planning services! Elle and Nima were such a joy to work with, and it didn’t hurt that I loved the other vendors involved in making their big day a success. I also have to thank the super talented Meg for referring me their way when Elle began to get overwhelmed in the planning process. And if you’re in San Francisco or the Bay Area and need catering, definitely check out Global Gourmet – their food really is that good. 🙂

Here is the sweet review Elle wrote about working with me as her wedding coordinator, but definitely click on over to Style Unveiled to see the rest of the gorgeous images from their wedding at the Bentley Reserve, and for more stylish wedding inspiration.

One reason it’s great to have a wedding planner is that we’re there to handle any problems or issues on the fly. In this wedding, for instance, Elle had a wonderful, albeit overzealous relative who really, really wanted to videotape Elle and Nima at their sweetheart table, as well as during their first dance – while less than a foot away from them, hehe.

I kindly invited him to take his seat during the dance, which he did. But, had I not stepped in, the photographer probably wouldn’t have been able to get great shots of Elle and Nima’s first dance – not to mention that they were feeling a bit uncomfortable about the up close video, and it would have looked kind of silly to the other guests as well. Also, after taking pictures all over the city, Elle’s dress had a 6 inch rip – but with my sewing kit in my emergency bag, my assistant and I were able to completely sew up the rip before the Grand Entrance and first dance, and in the end Elle’s dress looked like nothing had ever happened.

So, while it may be easy to discount the importance of a wedding planner since everything happens behind the scenes, sometimes the true value is in what you don’t see – the tear in a dress, the last minute change of place cards or tables, the stealthy cues to a DJ or band to avoid silence or awkward gaps in music (or a bride in the bathroom while the Grand Entrance in announced), rounding up a rowdy bridal party for pictures, repeatedly applying Blister Block to a bride’s feet so she can dance the night away comfortably, or gently persuading a loving uncle to take video from his seat instead of six inches away from the bride and groom.:)

Though I LOVE wedding design more than anything, working with my clients on the day of the wedding is my next favorite part of wedding planning – I love being the behind the scenes miracle worker who makes the day go smoothly, easily and joyfully for the bride and groom, and I’ve been lucky enough to be blessed with fabulous, warm and positive clients and families to work with. The End.


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  1. Yaaayyyy.. That’s wonderful and the wedding looks amazing! Congrats!

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