Beautiful Shot of the Day: Meg Perotti

I don’t have enough time to write a full post today, but though I would share this lovely picture from one of my favorite photographers (and one of my favorite people in general!), Meg Perotti. Meg and I met about a year ago, when I contacted her to get rates for a client of mine. Since then we’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends and working together multiple times… yet I still get blown away by some of her images, like this one. Composition is one of those things it’s hard to put your finger on when you look at a photo, yet she just nails it every time.

One detail I loved from this wedding (hard to tell from just this pic alone) is the bride’s floaty dress, which, if you are tall and slim and can pull it off, makes a beautiful statement in pictures. I know it seems like many brides these days have pictures in a field of wildflowers, but seriously, it’s just so darn pretty I can’t help but love it anyway! Nature will always be beautiful and timeless in my mind, so when you have the choice of taking pictures in a field of wildflowers or on bicycles with balloons and lollipops…. my vote goes with the wildflowers. 🙂



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2 responses to “Beautiful Shot of the Day: Meg Perotti

  1. Amy

    I love this shot…the wildflowers make a gorgeous backdrop.

  2. So cute couple! Amazing!

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