The Stylish Soiree Featured in Glamour!

We’ve been getting some really exciting press lately, including a recent feature in Glamour magazine. The lovely Rosemary Brennan, writer for Glamour, interviewed me about ways that couples are taking the nontraditional route on their wedding day.  The tip that appeared in the article was about couples opting to forgo the traditional champagne toast during dinner. Instead of spending extra money by purchasing enough champagne for a quick toast (which many guests take one sip of before returning to their original cocktail or glass of wine), more and more couples are simply letting guests toast with whatever is already at their table. Here is the blurb that appeared in Glamour:

I know the text is tiny, so I’ve copied and pasted the content below. Or, you can go to Glamour’s website and read the full article.

Champagne isn’t essential.

When it’s time to make toasts, the champagne doesn’t need to flow freely—or at all. “A champagne toast is a long-standing tradition that budget-conscious couples sometimes skip on their wedding day,” says Yelena Johnson, wedding planner and creative director of the Stylish Soiree in Beverly Hills. “Guests tend to stick to their drink of preference, so much of the champagne purchased for the toast is wasted after only one sip. For couples paying an additional fee for the toasting champagne, it often makes sense for guests to raise a glass of whatever they are already drinking.”

A huge thank you to Rosemary for featuring our advice and for being such a great interviewer… and best wishes to her on her own upcoming wedding in May!

XO, Yelena Johnson | Creative Director & Principal Wedding Planner | The Stylish Soiree | @StylishSoireeYJ


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