Cheers to the New Year

Gratuitous gorgeous dress via *a glamorous little side project blog

This past year has been an amazing roller coaster ride of work, play and business development in my career as a wedding planner. There were beautiful, brilliant moments filled with glowing emotions and sheer joy, there were poignant bridal party speeches that made me tear up from the sidelines and there was the satisfaction of a job well done.  Then there were craft-laden all nighters that consisted of myself, a stamp, an inkpad and 1,000 blank cocktail napkins in need of dressing up (it’s not all glamorous being a wedding planner, I tell ya).

But despite the challenges, I felt that every new obstacle I encountered reaffirmed my passion for the wedding and event industry. I love & look forward to each and every meeting with my clients, and feel beyond blessed that they trust me and my team with creating & bringing their wedding day vision to life. Career-wise, I honestly couldn’t ask for more.  So thank you, to all my clients in the past, present and future for believing in me and inspiring me to be my best. And thank you to all the amazingly talented vendors who have helped me make our bride and grooms’ vision come to life.

Happy New Year to everyone, and happy wedding planning in 2010!

XO, Yelena



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2 responses to “Cheers to the New Year

  1. Meg

    Can’t wait to spend 2010 making memories with you!!!

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