Lovely Vintage Inspired Bridal Garters

Bleu Garter - bridal gartersI’ve had the website for Bleu Garters bookmarked for a few weeks now, and am excited to share their lovely creations.  Garters have become a bit passe thanks to lackluster, outdated designs, but Bleu Garters is one company that is making them en vogue once more.

Bleu Garters makes their lovely designs using high quality silks, ribbons and embellishments for unique, vintage inspired garters that an aesthetically-inclined bride is sure to appreciate.

I can just see these being used in a Parisian inspired wedding, a vintage wedding or luxuriously plush nuptials.  Or, the garters would make perfect accessories for a sexy boudoir photo session as well as a honeymoon surprise – they’re so stunning and irresistible, it’s hard to pick just one. Although, if I had to, it would definitely be the Monaco art deco inspired garter in sea foam green, hehehe….

Here are some of my favorites in the Bleu Garter collection:

1. Monaco Art Deco Garter (as seen in main pic above, too), $75

Vintage parisian garter - bleu garter

2. Strasbourg Garter, $55

Strasberg Vintage Inspired Garter - Bleu Garter

3. Vougeot Garter, $70

Vougeot - vintage taupe and pink lace - Bleu Garters



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2 responses to “Lovely Vintage Inspired Bridal Garters

  1. Gorgeous!!! they are so elegant and stylish… you don’t find those just anywhere…

  2. These are just divine! thank you for finding and posting them on your blob 🙂

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