Vintage Halloween Husband Hunting

Vintage Halloween postcards

Halloween holds a special place in my heart as a holiday.  I mean, what other holiday encourages far-out costumes and a copious consumption of candy? Those two facts alone make Halloween an extra-fun holiday, but what I really love is the spookiness surrounding the holiday. Most people love getting a little bit spooked, which is why I think Halloween is so popular. Horror movies, haunted houses and scary stories raise hairs on the back of our necks and add a sense of adventure and excitement to our night, even if deep down we don’t quite believe in ghosts.

Today Halloween is known primarily as a scary, garish holiday with clashing purple, black and orange –  but it wasn’t always this way. From the late 19th and early 20th century Halloween celebrations focused mainly on getting together with family and friends, and one of the biggest beliefs of the holiday was that Halloween was the night when a young woman’s future husband could be divined. Various methods were prescribed to catch a glimpse of your future hubby, ranging from tossing hemp seeds outside to gazing into a mirror with a candle in front of it.  Vintage Halloween postcards illustrated these methods with lovely illustrations, which I’ve compiled above. If you stick around for tomorrow’s post you will see how I incorporated great vintage Halloween postcards into the decor scheme for A Very Vintage Halloween party that took place in Los Angeles on Tuesday… it’s darling stuff, I promise.

So, to all you lovely single ladies… are you planning on staring into the mirror to find Prince Charming this Halloween? Or will you take matters into your own hands with a killer costume and a pair of stilettos? 😉


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