Good Gifting: Signed Martha Stewart Cookbook

Martha Stewart Dinner At home book signingWe all have friends and family members who are our own personal Martha Stewarts. Talented at cooking and entertaining, they can whip up elegant dinners and cocktail parties with seemingly little effort, creating memorable evenings spent in the company of good friends and delicious food.  For many of these master entertainers of our world, Martha Stewart is their idol. So what better gift to give them with the holidays fast approaching than a signed copy of the original domestic goddess’s new cookbook?

If you live in the Los Angeles vicinity, be sure to stop by the Sur La Table at The Grove tomorrow evening (Monday, October 19th) to purchase a copy of Martha’s newest book and have it signed by Ms. Stewart herself.  The book is called Dinner At Home: 52 Quick Meals to Cook for Family & Friends, which sounds perfect for the born-entertainer and aspiring cook.

This would make a fabulous hostess gift, engagement party present or wedding gift for people who love to cook or want to learn. Extra points if you come up with a cute well-wishing phrase that Martha can write in the book to personalize it for the recipient. 🙂

P.S. Attention gentlemen (if any of my readers happen to be of the male persuasion!) – this book would also make a great gift for your wives for an anniversary or the holidays. Just make sure she actually does like to cook, otherwise she might take a well-intended gift the wrong way, hehe.


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