High Drama Dress: Rosa Clara’s ‘River’

Rosa Clara wedding dress - river

Rosa Clara is a Spanish line of wedding gowns with a definite flair for the dramatic.  It goes without saying that the high impact dresses aren’t for every bride (or every wedding). Nearly every Rosa Clara wedding gown in their collection has a ‘look at me’ sensationalism about it that cannot be ignored. For brides who want to make a big style statement on their wedding day – the bold and beautiful drama queens perhaps, or the self-imposed slaves to fashion – Rosa Clara has just the dress.

Take, for example, their stunning ‘River’ dress shown above. The full skirt has three distinct tiers that narrowly escape looking overdone, and the top is a bustier-style fusion between the always-flattering sweetheart neckline and a trendy one-shoulder strap. It all sounds rather crazy written down, but together the effect is somehow completely enchanting – it’s the perfect dress for the fairy tale bride with fashion savvy and modern flair. The dress is something you might imagine bridal Barbie to gracefully waltz down the aisle in, and definitely requires a tall, leggy bride to properly pull it off the flouncy layers of silk skirting.

For brides who want to rock this high drama look, the key to pulling it off is to keep everything else simple and really let the dress shine. I’d love to see this Rosa Clara gown worn with glossy locks upswept in a simple chignon and large diamond studs sparkling in the bride’s ears.  The lovely neckline has enough interest and shouldn’t be worn with a necklace, but one large, sparkly bracelet would be the perfect crowning touch on the look. As with the rest of the ensemble, makeup should be light and understated, highlighting only one feature, preferably the eyes paired with a nude or light pink lip. A high drama dress is one thing, but too much drama can end up coming across looking harsh on a wedding day. Fashion, as always, is a delicate balancing act, and the more dramatic the dress the harder it is to balance. For brides who can walk the link, however, the sweet reward is an unforgettable wedding day look that guests will be gushing about for years to come. 🙂



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14 responses to “High Drama Dress: Rosa Clara’s ‘River’

  1. tina_nas@hotmail.com

    Please tell me how can I buy this wedding dress

    • Hi Tina,

      This dress is available at boutiques that carry Rosa Clara gowns. If you check out their website you can see which local bridal stores might carry the ‘River’ gown, then I’d suggest calling them up and making sure they have it in their samples before setting up an appointment. Good luck!

      Warm Wishes, Yelena

  2. Kate

    Any idea what this beauty is called? It is absolute stunning.

  3. gelareh

    I want to know the price of the River. thank u so much for your perfect design

    • Hi Gelareh,

      I am so sorry but I’m not sure of the pricing! I believe Rosa Clara gowns begin in the $3,500 price range and go upwards from there, so you’d have to contact a bridal boutique that carries the line for all the details. Good luck!

      Warm Wishes,


  4. sayeh

    could you please tell how much is this derss ? the river.
    thanks, sayeh

  5. Amal

    hi, what is the name of the fabric that River Gown is made of? The upper part and The lower part.

  6. nasim

    i want to order the wedding dress that its name is “River” . what can i do for order it?

    • Hi Nasim!

      I suggest getting in touch with local bridal boutiques who carry Rosa Clara (you can find this via the Rosa Clara website), and they will be able to order the dress for you. Good luck, and congrats on finding your dream gown!

      XOXO Yelena

  7. laurielle stansberry

    Are you selling this dress, and if so what color and size is it?

  8. Amanda

    I was just after peoples thoughts, I love the River dress and am hoping to get it for my wedding this October, I have a real classical sense of style and love the dress but im only a small build and weight and live in Australia (this dress is kinda out there for australia)… do you think this dress it too much?

  9. Ghinwa

    How can I buy this dress?

    • Hi Ghinwa,

      Isn’t it a lovely dress? I recommend getting in touch with Rosa Clara’s reps and seeing where their gowns are retailed in your city. Then, contact that bridal store and they should be able to order the dress for you, even if they don’t currently have it in the store to try on. Good luck!

      Warm Wishes, Yelena

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