Etsy Halloween Decor Ideas

Spooky Halloween Pennant BannerWith Halloween less than a month away, it’s time to break out the pumpkins, witch hats and macabre decor. I love Halloween because it’s one of the few opportunities that adults have to slip into an alternate identity, play pretend and completely let loose. Aside from its freeing aspect, Halloween also involves over-the-top decorations and costumes. And with costumes come fashion and styling, two of my favorite things in the world.

My most recent costuming quest was the creation of a Bjork swan dress costume. Lacking even the most rudimentary sewing skills,  it took me an entire box of free safety pins from my local dry cleaner, two white feather boas and two yards of white fuzzy fabric from LA’s garment district to create the dress. It was so much fun to make, and I’m currently mulling over the possibilities for this year’s made-from-scratch costume. (Suggestions? I’d love to hear them!)Boo Halloween Cupcake Toppers

I might not be set on my costume yet, but I lighted on Etsy seller Cozy Rosie’s store and found some fantastic ideas for Halloween decorations that I’m planning on scooping up.  Two of my favorites in the store are the Spooky Halloween Paper Garland and the Boo Cupcake toppers.

The paper garland and cupcake toppers have a great vintage Halloween feel that I love; they’re much more eerie than downright scary and would definitely blend in better with your average home or apartment decor than a host of wart-covered witches and skeleton bones ;).  What’s best, the two decorations together won’t set you back $20 – a true Halloween bargain for such cute decor. Of course, if you’re feeling crafty, it would be fairly easy to create your own take on these Halloween delights. If you choose to go this route, using a patterned craft paper throughout the party’s decorations is a great way to tie the whole look of the party together with little effort, and really customizes the look of your event.


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