The Stylish Soiree: Focus on Style

Etsy designer Sarah Seven pairs timeless style with trend for a thoroughly modern look that stands the test of time.

Etsy designer Sarah Seven pairs timeless style with trend for a thoroughly modern look that stands the test of time.

I’ve decided to shift the focus of The Stylish Soiree blog a bit to hone in on what truly sets us apart from other Los Angeles event planners – our styling service. Wedding fashion is a very personal expression, and I feel that one of the most important things a bride can do to make her wedding memorable is to really pay attention to her style. By ‘style’ I am referring to the term in the sense of permanent, timeless appeal as opposed to fleeting trendiness.

Trading Trends for Timelessness

Much the way that Audrey Hepburn’s elegance transcends eras, brides should carefully build their wedding day ensemble to reflect their personality without sacrificing timelessness. Gigantic hair flowers the size of a bride’s head (fastened 70’s style around the crown of the head, no less) make lovely editorial statements – but chances are, twenty years from now your kids will be snickering (lovingly, of course!) at your choice of wedding accessory.

There is, however, a balance between incorporating trends you love with a look that will never be stale. Choosing a dress that has both classic elements and a touch of trend is a great way to strike that balance, as is incorporating fashion-forward accessories that aren’t too over-the-top.

Put Your Wedding Dress To the Test

My favorite “Test of Timelessness” involves asking yourself 4 questions:

1. Would this ensemble have looked beautiful in the forties or fifties? (The tailoring, fit and fashion of these decades will always be classic)

2. Would this ensemble have been in style last year? (If it wasn’t in style yet, chances are it’s a trend!)

3. Will this ensemble look out of place ten years from now? (Be honest with yourself! I’m sure plenty of 80s brides could have guessed that future dresses will not all have ginormous poofy sleeves from then until eternity).

4. The most important question of all: Does this ensemble fit me perfectly and flatter all my best assets while forgiving my not-so-favorable spots? (True classics should look like they were made for you, regardless of the trends they encompass)

If your wedding dress passes the above test, chances are it is a fabulous choice. I’m a firm believer that classic fashion can also incorporate trends, as long as they are not over-the-top.  Sometimes even one over-the-top element, such as a huge architectural bow, or a chiffon-covered one-shoulder strap are still fantastic choices if they accent the bride’s best qualities. But buying a trendy dress for the sake of being trendy is not the best way to choose a gown, and will inevitably lead to “what was I thinking?!” regrets years down the road.

*Photo Credit: Sarah Seven, “With All My Love” gown, $1,210 on Etsy


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