Real Wedding Inspiration

I’ve always admired the work of talented Tennessee photographer Tec Petaja, but haven’t had a chance to post any of his work on the blog yet.  While perusing the backlog of my Google Reader on Monday I came across this stunning Tennessee wedding and couldn’t resist saving the files for a post.  The wedding took place in the bride’s parents’ backyard, which is simply breathtaking. Weddings like these truly make the case for having your ceremony and reception at home, and make me wish I had such a lovely backyard!

What I, being a fashionphile, love most about these photos is the bride’s perfectly pulled together look. From her natural blushing bride makeup to the carefully coiffed updo that looks loose and natural to the stunning empire waist silk tulle dress, and finally that amazing necklace. Everything just goes so well together, and when paired creates this effortlessly chic look that is greater than the sum of its parts.

For more eye candy from this photo shoot, head over to Tec’s blog.

TN wedding 1 - tec pateja

TN wedding 2 - tec petajaTN wedding - tec petaja 4

TN wedding 3 - tec petaja


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