Personalize Your Wedding…with Fonts

Feel Script Font SamplePersonalizing your wedding is all about peppering the day with little details that speak to you as a couple.  Favorite foods, colors, flowers and even inside jokes can be incorporated into the wedding to make it a truly memorable experience. Though your third cousin twice-removed, John, might not know your relationship intimately enough to appreciate the cocktail napkins with trivia about how you met, the family and friends who are close to you certainly will. For this reason (as well as budgetary reasons!), I always recommend limiting the guests to those you really know well and love.  Even trying to spend quality time with over 100 people can be incredibly overwhelming on your wedding day, let along 250+… but I digress.

A unique way to personalize your wedding is to choose a particular font and carry it throughout the day with small touches – signs, labels, favors, menus, even the wedding invitations, save the dates and thank you notes.  Finding a great font to represent your day takes a bit of time, but it can also be free. Though many sites require payment for font downloads, visit sites like and for free downloads on a plethora of fantastic fonts.

For the ultimate in personalization, Amanda at Fonts for Peas can even turn your own handwriting into a font. This would be a great way to make hang tags on favors look handwritten and personalized; perfect for a personalized, charming wedding. You can even use the font for placecards, to create printed menus, and for signs directing guests to a sign-in book, a photobooth or a dessert table. Be creative with your fonts, and incorporate them in many different ways throughout the day to create a pulled-together, cohesive look.

As for some of my personal favorites, I love Fonts for Peas’ Milk and Cereal font for casual events, Chopin Script for elegant occasions, and Porcelain for a cool vintage look with a touch of Gothic romance. My favorite font of all, of course, is the Feel Script font – which is The Stylish Soiree’s signature font. 🙂

What are some of your favorite fonts?


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One response to “Personalize Your Wedding…with Fonts

  1. toula

    what a lovely blog! well done, gorgeous to look at!…i really liked your post about using fonts…i really liked the font that was used at the beginning of your post…could you tell me what font was used? (the miss coltrane image)…it would be sooooo appreciated!

    keep up the great work

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