Romantic Vintage Wedding Inspiration Board

In lieu of a boring introductory post, I thought it might be nice for The Stylish Soiree to enter the blog world with a bang. Though there are previous posts, those were just transfers from my personal blog, Shopaholica, not new blogs for The Stylish Soiree.  {Insert shameless plug here: If you too are fashion and food-obsessed, check it Shopaholica sometime.} Aaaand we’re back:

The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite novels thanks to the glitz, romance and decadence of the 20s. I originally envisioned a Great Gatsby theme for my own wedding, but once we chose the venue it no longer seemed appropriate. After creating this pretty inspiration board though, in hindsight perhaps I should have just found another venue, hehe.




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6 responses to “Romantic Vintage Wedding Inspiration Board

  1. beth

    i love these shoes! where can i find them!? who makes them?

  2. Leah Sexeny

    I love that dress with the feathery collar. Who designed that dress?

  3. Hi Leah,

    The dress is actually a feather bolero over a lace wedding gown. You can recreate the look with this feathered, fluffy bolero from Etsy:

    Good luck, and happy wedding planning!

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  5. stacey

    i love the invites, where are they from?

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