DIY Mini Cupcakes

citrus-cream-cheese-frosting-cupcakes-2citrus-cream-cheese-frosting-cupckakes-1I realized this morning that I never posted on the adorable little mini cupcakes I concocted from scratch for our good friends’ engagement party. The Mister and I planned the engagement party at a local boutique hotel called the Mosaic that was the perfect size to accommodate the guest list, and had the most delicious food. However, I had this vision of creating beautiful little bite-sized cupcakes for guests to nibble on for dessert that I was intent on carrying out. And by intent, I mean obsessive-compulsive.  {Sidenote: These would be a great DIY favor, or part of a dessert bar / candy table display!}

Armed with my newly acquired KitchenAid Mixer and mechanical piping tools, I began my ambitious journey to create the perfect mini cupcakes. Blind optimism carried me into my cupcake quest, but it took sheer determination, sleep deprivation and tears of frustration to get me out of it. Tweaking old recipes, adding new ingredients and learning how to use a mechanical frosting piper definitely took its toll.

Mike begged that I stop staying up until 1 am to perfect my citrus cream cheese frosting recipe, and we got in more than a few tiffs over massively important things such as overbuying mini patisserie cupcake wrappers from Sur La Table. He, rightfully so, argued that it would have been easier and cheaper to just buy pre-made mini cupcakes from Sprinkles or Crumbs. I turned my nose up at the suggestion, since a.) I’ve never been that impressed with their cupcakes, and b.) reasoned that homemade was far more special store bought.

In the end, I won out – and I’ve never seen cupcakes incite so much enthusiasm or disappear so fast. The final from-scratch recipes included a raspberry chocolate souffle base and a ginger Kahlua vanilla base, both topped with the same tangy citrus cream cheese frosting. After the tremendous success of the cupcakes, the Mister acquiesced that I was right all along, and the cupcakes were worth every ounce of time and every dime spent. 🙂 (see Mike? I am always right….)

Above are a few pictures I took of them after the fact – I overestimated the size of the batch I needed for the fete and made an extra two batches for Mike to take to work. Those too, disappeared quickly, but not before I had a chance to set up a mini photo shoot to commemorate the cupcake slavery.

Have you ever been driven mad by the pursuit of a perfect pastry, or is it just me? 🙂

*UPDATE: Cupcake Recipes can be found here.

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