Cupcake Couture

cupcake-couture-wrappersI stumbled across the cutest, totally fabulous and most unnecessary way to dress up your cupcakes: Cupcake Wrapture. I was searching for cupcake ideas while writing an article about 1st Birthday Cupcakes, and fell in l-o-v-e with the adorable little designs that you can buy to dress up your cupcakes.

They offer a rainbow of plain colors and charge $5 – $9 for a set of 12 cupcake wraps. It’s not cheap if you’re baking a bunch of cupcakes, but it also has the potential to make a really adorable impact if you’re putting your cupcakes on cupcake-couture-seasonal-coverdisplay for a party. Or, splurge on these for a wedding cupcake stand where it will make a fun style statement.

Crafty girls can easily create their own cupcake covers, but in today’s busy world, who really has time for that?

Plain Cupcake Covers, $5

Patterned & Seasonal Covers, $6.50


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