Romantic Winter Inspiration Board

Ah, winter, how I love thee. You bring with you chilly weather, allowing me to finally wear my favorite trench coats, scarves and boots. You bring the holidays, and with it the joys of presents, hot cocoa, eggnog, and Hallmark Christmas specials. And of course, with the holidays you bring the best of the year’s cookies, cakes, feasts and parties. What’s not to love?

Inspired by the rich reds and berry tones of the fall/winter season, I created an inspiration board to represent a few of my favorite things in the holiday season. So, while this post is fairly useless, at least it provides you, dear reader, with some fabulous eye candy.

Dress: Louis Vuitton

Three Diamond Ring: Sarah Perlis Jewelry

Wedding Invitation: Tulipa, by Dauphine Press

Cake: Charlotte Cake, image via Martha Stewart

Pears: Wedding Favor, image via Martha Stewart

Dinner Table: image via Preston Bailey


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